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Court of the Dead

Oct 23, 2014

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Sapling Planter Sculptures by J*Ryu - Available now

Art is wonderful and functional art is even better. Some time ago, artist JRyu started making his Sapling series. These Saplings sculptures are not only great pieces of art, but they double as small planters or vases. One of JRyu's more recent Saplings, "Dear Lazlo", is one of his larger pieces measuring around 9"x9.5"x10" and created for Rotofugi's 10th Anniversay 10x10 show. Lazlo is sold, but there are other Saplings in the wild, waiting to be purchased. Unfortunately, many Galleries don't have a social media correspondent or at least someone who regularly posts about available art pieces, new or old. It's typically, do some promotion for upcoming shows to get people in the gallery and maybe notify the world of available pieces afterwards. 
Rudy - Sculpture by JRyu
Back to JRyu and his amazing Saplings. Available right now from Art Whino, are a number of JRyu's Sapling sculptures. Most of JRyu's Sapling Sculptures are unique, each with it's own type of personality. Seen in the pictures are just a few of the available Saplings, waiting to be purchased and given new life as someone's vase or just as an art piece. Each Sapling is either 4" or 6" in size, priced at $125 or $160 plus shipping, respectively.
Leonard - Sculpture by Jryu
Tyrone - Sculpture by Jryu
In addition to the one of kind JRyu Saplings through Art Whino, several retailers may still have some JRyu Baby Sapling Planters. For example, right now, Tenacious Toys has some exclusive Baby Sapling Planters available for $50 plus shipping. Limited to 25 exclusive pieces, these little guys typically come bagged with a header card and make a great desk planter for succulents.

As an aside, if any Galleries needs a person to actively promote available pieces of art, there might be some bloggers who would be available for hire. Just saying.


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