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Court of the Dead

Oct 23, 2014

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Linda "Vampy" Le featured on CNN

Cosplayer and artist Linda Le was recently featured on CNN for one of the "24 Hours with" pieces, as well as having a featured video on CNN Money. One piece is titled "24 Hours with A Comic Con Character", a CNN piece as told by Blake Ellis, gives readers a glimpse into Linda's life as a cosplayer. CNN followed Linda while she prepped her costumes and attended New York Comic Con 2014. All the while, talking about how she became a cosplayer and while touching a bit on the struggles of being a professional cosplayer. The "24 Hours with" piece features a main video titled "How I Became a Comic Con Star" (below), which is a featured video on CNN Money. The "24 Hours with" piece not only has the main video, roughly 2 minutes long, it also features a number of smaller videos taken throughout the day with Linda, to go along with a series of journal entries made by Linda. Overall, the "24 Hours with A Comic Con Character" piece is a small glimpse of what represents a typical event day in the life of Linda Le.

Although the "24 Hours with" piece should have been titled something more appropriate, like 24 Hours with a Professional Cosplayer", it's great that Linda got the well deserved recognition. So, be sure to check out the entire piece on CNN and share it to everyone.


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