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Court of the Dead

Mar 11, 2015

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Vintage OG Silver Oozeball by The Disarticulators

The Disarticulators are releasing a Vintage OG Silver Sofubi Oozeball and the following is what they have to say about it:

"Whilst it was great to see The Disarticulators’ Oozeball sofubi receive a limited painted run at Wonderfestival Winter 2015 a few weeks back, we know that a few of you guys were a bit disappointed that the release was limited to Japan only- well fear not, as we’re proud to reveal that an alternative “silver” version of the said “Vintage OG” edition will be touching down in the Man-E-Toys store later this week! Here’s the blurb on the figure for the uninitiated few “A follow-up to last years hugely popular keshi-ball release, the Oozeball has been redesigned by The Disarticulators’ Tru:Tek from the ground up for the new medium, featuring a more organic, Ooze-It like face, paper clay-style textures, plus a cheeky little extra… a hidden face inspired by Georges Méliès iconic 1902 silent movie, Le Voyage dans la Lune! Beautifully sculpted by none other than Zectron, the 2-part design has been upscaled from the original 2″ diameter to little over 3″- making it both more in-keeping with the classic Madball scale, and, more interestingly, compatible with a wide variety of mid-sized kaiju with the capped base removed…” Produced in a super-squishy “Ooze-It Green” soft vinyl and fitted with the previously unannounced squeakers on the undercarriage (yep, you read that right!), the limited run of 15 balls have each been treated to simple, vintage-style silver factory sprays courtesy of Rampage Toys. Touching down in the Man-E-Toys store this coming Thursday, March 12th at 9pm London time, the silver “Vintage OG” Oozeballs can be yours for just $50 each plus shipping…"
Be sure to head on over to the Man-E-Toys shop and pick up one of these limited Vintage Oozeballs for only $50 plus shipping.


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