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Nov 28, 2016

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Lego City Starter Set 60127

Lego City sets are a great standard collector series, with all of the sets being affordable (since licensing isn't an additional cost).
I normally don't pick up any Lego sets that have to do with any of the core basic sets, but this one was available for just $5, and as I was looking at the set, something dawned on me. This is essentially a "cops and robbers" scenario, but although there are clearly two bad guys and two good guys, with money, handcuffs, a radio, and a police vehicle and get away jet ski,... no one had a gun.

Isn't that just a bit weird? I mean, I had never realized that, and after doing some research, I found some information that I listed below in the Trivia section that most people may not realize about the Lego company, which is probably why so many other companies have been highly successful at filling this almost too obvious gap.

But first, let's talk about this recent set I picked up.

Now, one little gripe I have is why Lego isn't able to polybag the Lego Minifig parts all in the same bag. I know this is a smaller set, but it's something I see happen even in some of the larger sets. And I only bring this up because putting the minifigs together is always the first step of assembly, and ask about any Lego enthusiast, those are the parts we want to put together first!

This set only had two bags. I know this is probably a weird thing to rattle on about, but has anyone actually ever found out why, WHY, why, the parts are bagged as they are? I mean I am sure there is some kind of science involved in how it's done. Precision and practically are two of Lego's main mantras!
Two polybags for parts, in a set with only 92 pieces. And yet you have to open both bags to put your minifigs together.
This set is one of the simplest ones I've ever put together. It clocked in at just under a fifteen minute assembling time, with no real difficulty. There are some new parts I'd not seen, mainly hinge bricks. The best part was the ample amount of extra parts which included a whole other cage/roll bar part, extra handcuffs, one brick of each light, and a few other cool bits (shown in the top center.)
The minifigures are always my favorite part of most sets, and one of the criminals had a backpack element that was a loot sack sort of part that you could stick the stolen money bricks in.
The two mini vehicles were night and day, in that I liked the build of the cop buggy quite a bit. It's a fun design, and has some interaction with the opening roll cage. The jet ski is a bit bland, but sturdy. The pier and hideaway mini playset was alright. I'd rather have seen a small fishing shack or something else to add to the pier, as this one's design is a bit too abstract.

The details on the minifigs are nice and pretty standard for Lego in detail and clean color usage. The best parts are the two heads on the criminals showing some interesting facial details.

Overall, the set's not bad if you can indeed find it for around $5. It doesn't hold up as much of a build challenge either. But it can make a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season.

Stats Rating/Information
Items Lego City Starter Set 60127
Made by Lego
Rarity Common
Classification In Production
Condition New
Procured Retail Recovery Sales outlet
Worth $5 to $12
Investment $5
Build Time This was a quick one, at just under 15 minutes, with no real difficulty.
Trivia & Fun Facts None of the included characters in this set include any sort of gun of any kind. Although Lego sets set in the past/sci-fi future have featured projectile based weapons from laser guns to muskets, there appears to be an active absence of modern weaponry that echoes the inventor's original ideology of not wanting the idea of war or crime to be child's play. One would surmise this is also the reason for no modern era military based official Lego sets or vehicles, yet modern warfare, by definition includes many of the WW1 planes that Lego has released, as well as some of the Indiana Jones and Lone Ranger sets.

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