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Court of the Dead

Nov 30, 2016

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NUGGLIFE New Apparel, Socks, T-Shirts, Customs and Resin Figures All 20% Off With Code

Nugglife has their 20% off sale running thru December 2!!! Promo code is "NUGGFRIDAY"  for 20% off full orders of $100 or more.  Here's what's available, all NEW releases:

1) Mini Nugs NYC Sour Diesel Edition and Strawberry Cough
    -$25 each / limited to 5 each 

2) "Trippin" 
    -Smoky has done it again!! Always watch which shroom you eat you just never know when reality with twirl away right in front of you.  Sometimes curling up in a ball and hoping none of this is happening is best.  
    -5 x 5 inch acrylic on wood

3) "Dab & Go" 
    - The newest addition to the Nugglife magnetic resin series.  This one features Waxy the biggest dabber in town, action packed with a hot torch, fancy rig, and some fresh pressed rosin.  This series also features and additional accessory thats a surprise :).
    -2.75 inch handed painted magnetic resin figure
4) "Star Gazer" Nugmad series 
    -The Newest Nugmad series has just dropped! This one features the Nugmad Bear & Elk edition.  Fully preparing for nights journey.  Sometimes these fellows get lost, so in order to find their way back to meet with Nuggs, they will use the stars.  Each one comes packed with all the proper gear for star gazing as well as fully dressed in the appropriate wear depending on their travels. 
    -Custom 3 inch dunny full sculpted and hand painted 

5)  This last part is the clothing pieces we dropped for the late FALL 2016
    -The Munchies series which included the Pizza Logo Tee shirt printed on a soft spotted fabric $30
    -Dad Cap Pizza logo exclusive for $30

    -Pizza Logo Pin limited to 100 pieces $10 each 

7)  Nugg Check Dress Socks which go for $10 a pair.  
    -Made with 100% cotton these socks are soft as F**K

8) Strawberry Cough Strain tee which GID in the green area.  This delicious strain definitely deserved to be in our collection :).  


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