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Court of the Dead

Nov 29, 2016

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Preorder Tenacious Toys Exclusive Resin Silly Snakes by Itay.G

After meeting Itay at NYCC and seeing in person what he was creating in Israel, I knew I wanted to get him to do an exclusive colorway of one of his figures for our shop! As a longtime snake owner (Monty is now about 25 years old!), Itay's Silly Snake resin figures really spoke to me.  Thankfully he agreed to do a color variant to match our dog logo, and he even created a mini spiked collar for our Silly Snake!

Silly Snakes are about 4 inches tall and 3 inches long. Itay's work is finely crafted, with superb smoothness and paint so clean that I still wonder how he does it... he assures me that it's all by hand but it just takes him a long time as he has to be very careful.

The result is some of the tightest resin figures I've ever seen!

Our Tenacious Exclusive Silly Snake is up for preorder now here, with a limit of 10 preorders, and an ordering window of 1 week starting today and ending December 6. Itay will need a lead time of about 3 weeks to get the Silly Snakes to us from Israel, which puts us very close to Christmas (and way beyond Hannukah!), so we expect our customers to receive their orders after the holidays, most likely in January.

Tenacious Toys Exclusive blue Silly Snakes are $50 each. Grab yours now before they slither away!


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