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Court of the Dead

Aug 11, 2016

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SoKo Cat Release - Custom 25" ThreeA WBR Remus - Bones

Space Station Helios's greatest soldier!  Bones has defended earth from destruction, invasion, and even a meteor or two.

Bones is the most popular of all WBRs, as he has been on nearly every mission since Helio's inception. His painted bones mark him as a robot to be reckoned with!  All who have faced him have perished.

Thank you for your service, Bones.  We would all be lost without you.

Our hero has been hand-painted using high quality acrylic paints and washes by SoKo Cat.  It comes signed and dated by SoKo Cat.

Not for the younglings!  Although a toy, this is a toy for youths ages 13 and up. Bones will be available for sale Friday, August 12th at 12:00 EST! at SoKo Cat's webstore.


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