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Court of the Dead

Aug 11, 2016

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Frankpool - a Collectible by Steven Cartoccio

Bulldog, animation and Deadpool. Independent animator Steven Cartoccio creates the animated series Concrete Jungle, "a comedy about humans and animals coexisting in New York City." Steven has been recently posting some digital renderings of an 8" figure in the works called Frankpool. Frank is the Bulldog character featured in Concrete Jungle, which happens to be voiced by John DiMaggio. If all goes well, Frankpool will stand at 8" tall and feature 3 swappable heads. The final model is still in the works and pricing has yet to be determined. Expected edition size for Frankpool is slated to be 50 pieces and hopefully will arrive sooner than later. Steven also posted some likely box art for Frankpool which shows a few more characters that could make the jump from digital to collectible. Stay tuned for more info as Steven gets the project closer to completion. Be sure to follow Steven on social media for the most up to date info.


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