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Court of the Dead

Dec 10, 2015

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Frank Kozik Interviewed on The Blind Box Podcast

I don't usually listen to podcasts but this one I made an exception for: there's podcast called "The Blind Box" which is sort of a mystery podcast- same hosts each time but different guests and topics. Fortunately for us, one of the hosts is into designer toys, so he is familiar with our scene and likes to discuss it. In Episode 92, Frank Kozik is the guest. Frank discusses in quite a bit of detail his plan for Kidrobot, how things are moving along, plans for future releases, product mix, etc etc. All the juicy stuff you wanna hear about. Give it a listen, if you're on a Mac or iPhone you can click right through to iTunes here, otherwise you can just listen to it right here on their website.

Here's their synopsis of the Kozik segment:
Kid Robot Fan? This is for you. Episode 92 we have a very special guest.  Frank Kozik, Kid Robot's Creative Director & long time artist stops by to talk about the future of KR. Frank talks about his current position, the myth of "Kid Robot Vs. Funko", & a whole slew of new products on the way from the new & improved Kid Robot team.  We talk why licensing seems to work for multiple reasons, if we should be looking out for the return of Kid Robot stores in your city, as well as Bob Burgers, Home Movies & price drops in the near future.  Frank also takes some time to talk Clockwork Orange, Labbits being inspired by Hello Kitty! & running a record label in the 90's.  Seriously, if you're a fan of past or present Kid Robot, you need to hear what they have planned for the future.


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