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Court of the Dead

Feb 2, 2016

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Ninja Interview 001 - The Sucklord

The Sucklord. Likely the most outspoken and brutally honest player in the Designer Toy game over the last decade. A smooth pimped out hustler who knows how to get his. He maintains integrity even through the trials that would turn lesser artists to quitting or selling out to the man. Even when he fails he does so spectacularly, maintaining dignity and respect, coming out on top anyway. Often imitated but never diminished.

Here we drop the first exclusive on Tenacious Ninja, an interview looking into the current state of the Suckadelic Universe!

Is this your first interview of 2016?

No, probably my Third. They come at me fast and I usually do them all. This is the first one since I started the SUCKHOUR, so you got your exclusive there. For now.

So you started the new SUCKHOUR weekly video podcast show. 52 shows in a year, that’s ambitious! How’s that going so far?

Currently going 4 shows in 4 weeks, so I guess a good start. Some money has also come in, and that’s encouraging. Keeping it up at this rate for a year may be challenging, but who am I to not completely overload myself with constant busywork day after day after day. I need shit to do.

Do you have plans to take The SUCKHOUR on the road at all? Maybe to conventions?

 Yeah, sure. In theory anyway. It needs to get a little more up to speed for that to happen. But Yes, there are plans to make plans. Live shows etc, with a DJ.

Have you played New York out and have you considered living anywhere else for a while?

 No not yet. It’s heartbreakingly awful to see the way giant chunks of the city are being consumed by trendy hotels and outrageously expensive condos, and seeing the demographics switch from a multi-Multi cultural place to a wasteland filled with corny artificial white people. Everything strange and cool about NY is fading fast, But I still hold my freaky little corner down and I intend to hold the line as long as I can. I still love it here and get a lot of energy from it. My family is here, so no, I’m not done yet. It’s a goo place to be to make money, But Someday I will leave, most likely to the West Coast to do TV stuff when that finally comes to fruition.


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