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Court of the Dead

Feb 4, 2016

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Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse now available in Bigshot Toyshop

I am particularly excited about this release as I took part in almost the entire process as an employee of Bigshot Toyworks - watching the development process, conceptualizing, setting up and running the Kickstarter campaign, creating the website, running the social, overseeing the sea shipment, running trade show booths, and finally helping to fulfill the Kickstarter rewards packages. After a full year, the Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse are FINALLY available for purchase in the Bigshot Toyshop here.

The Four Horsies are packed in a 4-pack box called the POCAPYPSE NOW Gift Pack and you can pick the Original (painted) Horsies as seen above, or the super limited GID or Clear variants.

Bigshot also release a brand new smaller (Tween) Maddie in a 4" size in several colors: Red Hellfire was the Bigshot NYCC / DCon exclusive, and recently added to their shop is the Purple, Green, GID and Clear variants.

All of the Four Horsies figures and Maddies feature articulation for maximum Pocalyptic playability!

- Benny


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