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Court of the Dead

Oct 3, 2014

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SNEAK PEEK: Mr. Fink's Fink Warriors drop Saturday Oct 4th

Introducing the new 2.25" resin Fink Warriors by Mr. Fink! DIYs and custom figures dropping this Saturday at 10.30pm UK time... more exclusives and colorways will be available via PlayDeadToys, Tenacious Toys and Spanky Stokes at later dates.

25 Fink Warriors will go up on the Fink website on 4/10/14 (Saturday). There will be 20 x DIY bagged (above) and 5 x hand painted, kitted up and boxed (below).

The price for the DIY is £8.50 + postage
The price for the hand painted is £10.50 + postage

Fink Warrior clones have been cast in resin by Michael 'Bubo' Reilly (of Play Dead Toys) from an original wood, wire and cloth handmade fink warrior. There will be more warrior clones and accessories to come....

They will be available from and a further 20 of each exclusive colorway will also be available from the retailers listed below. 4 'Chase' figures will be randomly available through these retailers, each customized by Michael 'Bubo' Reilly. - Undead Grey - Tenacious Blue (will be at NYCC booth 208) - Onyx Black (will be at Spanky's Dcon booth)

More info will be posted here on this blog as the next colorways roll out!


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