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Court of the Dead

Aug 27, 2013

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New shirts from Forces of Dorkness: Weak Scene & Learning Stupid

Sometimes the art we make has a hidden message, some times that message is a bit more direct.  This is one that is as clear as a middle finger raised high in the air.

Available only as a preorder, avilableonline only until September 6th, 2013, these 2 new designs from The Forces of Dorkness are printed in white on black 100% cotton shirts. They show just how much we all love the haters in our lives. 

Each shirt (costing only $20 shipped for free in the US, with $15 shipping anywhere in the world) is avail available in sizes S - 6XL (sorry no 5XL right now)

Shirt 1 : Learning Stupid is a nod to those that come in and out of our lives and really just leave us shaking our head at the end of the day.

Shirt 2: Weak Scene - there's a million things we can blame when something we've created doesn't get the reception or the sales we hoped they would, but "the scene" is that thing only the weak blame.

Don't ever let the haters get you down.  Take the negative they feed you and channel it into new creations.  Use it as fuel because the best revenge is kicking more ass than ever before.  Remember, the only reason anyone ever attacks you is because they are either threatened or jealous of what you can do.  Now's your chance to show the world that you're going to do what you want regardless of what they think.  It's your art, your idea, and in the end it's all up to you. 

All Hail those that don't play well with others.

(note: Customers will pay for their shirt(s) at the time of pre-order, but all monies will be returned if for some reason not enough orders are placed)


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