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Court of the Dead

Jul 25, 2013

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NEXT LEVEL - Plastic Cell Marzy


To celebrate my triumphant return to blogging here, I'm going to do a series of posts about folks that I feel are doing "Next Level" work.

First up is the new Marzy release from Plastic Cell.

So why does this qualify as "Next Level"?
  1. Double DIY:  Sculpt, mold and cast blank THEN sculpt and paint customs?  Awesome.
  2. Presentation:  Full color packaging, figure with accessories and a print.  Take notes folks.
  3. Price: Total package price for the Marzy figure - $89 plus shipping.  Accessible to collectors but not astronomical.  Perfect pricing.
  4. Quality: Just a damn nice looking figure.  Evocative and respectful of the source without being a shameless rip off.
All the releases are based on a blank figure sculpted and cast by the Plastic Cell crew called "White Cell".  They can be purchased individually for an exceptionally reasonable $15 (mine was $22 shipped).

So check them out on Facebook and Instagram!


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