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Court of the Dead

Jul 25, 2013

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Ian Ziobrowski kills it...

Just saw these amazing customs on Ian's Facebook account. These customs blew me totaly away!
"Roasting" this Nuggyeater is one of the biggest yet. Standing 12 inches tall this custom Paw Raw can be seen miles away roasting the finest in NUGGLIFE. These are not commonly seen creatures, but will devour fields within minuets. Best have some good traps, cause it will take a lot to take one of these down.

The "Pill Keeper"... Evil has come to NUGGLIFE.. For a green country only something must done. Even Crook Ed the cop doesn't approve.

Leafy "HAZE" custom, and "The Burnt Snails" custom Betso dunny. Snails will be Available online.
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      - Don P


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