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Court of the Dead

Jul 24, 2013

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Mintyfresh Exclusive Ron English Mouse Mask Murphy: LAST CALL!

If you've been putting off your purchase of fellow Designer Toy Awards Finalist Mintyfresh's exclusive Mouse Mask Murphy figure, you might want to go buy it now. I just heard from them  and they tell me they are nearing sellout (we've been talking because I was very interested in this exclusive from a business perspective- a VERY smart choice IMHO since this is the most sought-after Ron English toy character).

This exclusive Biohazard colorway is limited to just 100 pieces and it's 10 inches tall- huge and awesome. A MUST-HAVE for all Ron English collectors. Produced in vinyl by Made by Monsters- some of my customers say the QC on Made by Monsters pieces is the best in their collection!

Don't sleep, buy it. This one will soon be sold out, never made again. Then go vote for MintyFresh in the DTAs cuz I certainly don't run the best online toy shop in the world...


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