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Court of the Dead

Jun 17, 2013

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kaNO x Tristan Eaton Bodega Figure Release and Signing

Kano is coming strong with his Bodega figure. After being shelved for several years and finally getting the rights back for his original Bodega figure, Kano was able to start produce his original figure once again. This time around, Kano has collaborated with four other artists, each having a unique colorway and type of exclusivity: Toofly, Flying Fortress, Tristan Eaton, and Pez. The first release was Toofly's Pink Bodega, released on May 10th, with the signing held at My Plastic Heart. The Toofly Bodega edition is a retailers edition, in the Pink Colorway, limited to 100 pieces.



The Bodega figure has a great back story to it. Head on over to Kano's blog and go watch Toy Break Episode 263, to learn a bit more. As for the next release, the Kano's x Tristan Eaton Bodega is a Bait exclusive, orange colorway. Scheduled to release at Bait, in Diamond Bar on Saturday, June 29th. A signing is going to be held from 2-5pm, with both artists in attendance. Keep in mind, that signings are one of the only ways to get Kano's purple edition Bodega. Each Bodega retails for $45 and limited to 100 pieces for each artist edition(colorway). Keep an eye out on this blog for updates on the Pez and Flying Fortress releases. Go get get em! Brapp!


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