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Court of the Dead

Jun 18, 2013

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Latest customs from Troy Martin Art

The latest 3 inch Dunny's from Troy Martin Art...

Reef Clan:
The Kaprabob species leaves in all different parts of the world. One of the rarest Clan of Kaprabobs. The Reef Clan can live in water and land, but there are mostly known to stay in hiding in the reef walls of the ocean. All Reef Clan Kaprabobs resemble the native fish swimming in the reefs.

Desert Clan:
The Desert Clan happens to be one of the most aggressive clans known to the Kaprabob species. They are always looking for a fight. Most have the scars to show it.

Coast Clan:
The Coast Clan are friendly. They spend most of there day fishing for food, and are always willing to hand some of there catch to other clans that have o food.

More Clans of Kaprabobs or being discovered every day. best way to keep up on all the new ones is to fallow me on instagram @troymartinart or going to

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