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Jun 20, 2013

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MagneBricks Building Blocks on Kickstarter

MagneBricks Building Blocks
Magnebricks are innovative building blocks featuring powerful magnets and interlocking features for creative play with a fun "click"!

Each 22x44mm brick contains 10 of the most powerful rare earth magnets (Neodymium Grade 52) that we could fit inside each of the 10 facets.  What makes Magnebricks special as an activity for kids is that each brick has male and female interlocking features allowing for building along all 3 Axis in both full and half-brick steps.  The interlocking features not only help to strengthen the connection, but also make it easy to know which faces will attract.  We have taken the best of the traditional plastic building bricks we’re all familiar with and added the magical magnetic attraction that kids (and adults) love. In addition to building in 2D and 3D on your desk, you can even play a building blocks game on your refrigerator (or many other metallic surfaces) for even more creative play!

MagneBricks are also great for children, adults, and the elderly who may not have the manual dexterity required of other building blocks such as Lego.  They can be used for Occupational Therapy for special needs such as Autism and developmental delays since they automatically pull together and interlock when near each other.

I'm a backer! I'm gonna send my MagneBricks to my niece and nephew on the West coast.

Click here to read more, and to back the Kickstarter to bring this fun toy project to life!


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