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Court of the Dead

May 19, 2017

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Mark Ultra shows off new releases for Five Points Festival

Back from a year off with lasers blasting! The Mark Ultra returns home to New York for clutter's inaugural five points festival! Landing at Booth 235 with Green Plastic Tunnels and Doom Toys, Mark Ultra has a lot of goodies for the festival.

First up is the Space Pharaoh in urban pacification orange for 40$ each.

Next up we have the HVY PNZ in hazard yellow with plasma blaster for 40$ each.

Ultra mini series returns for a blind assortment mini Space Pope figure for 5$ each in a pyramid box!

And last but certainly not least we have the DeadWorld blind adventure pack- 40$ each, inside of a custom VHS case you'll find:
1 handmade figure
1 Mark Ultra sticker
4 packs of 80's/90's trading cards
1 pack of pogs
2 toy spaceships
And a suckle figure! (Courtesy of DKE toys!!)

All this plus tee shirts bags and lots of other surprises at booth 235


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