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Court of the Dead

Mar 29, 2015

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JunKing Card Game hitting Kickstarter soon from Justin Hillgrove

Coming soon to Kickstarter is JunKing, a card game for 2-4 players. Artist Justin Hillgrove, working with his friends David Gerrard and Travis Torgerson, has designed a game with simple mechanics, strong strategic layers and a gameplay time of around 15 minutes. "JunKing" takes place in Junk Lands, where old, lost and broken items collect into huge heaps and mounds. The goal for each player is to hoard valuable junk, in search of the most prestigious piece of junk, The Crown. With the Kickstarter Launching on April 6th, Justin has also been busy lately attending Emerald City Comic Con and launching Issue #2 of The Imp Lands. Justin has also created some new tees, which can be purchased in-store and online from Monster Art & Clothing in Ballard, WA. Be sure to subscribe to Justin's newsletter and stay up to date with all of the IMP Land and JunKing News.


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