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Court of the Dead

Apr 3, 2015

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Celebrating ZEROFUCKSFRIDAY with your Zero Fucks Hero: the FUnicorn by Bigshot Toyworks

Come celebrate #ZeroFucksFriday with Bigshot Toyworks and the #FUnicorn!

Bigshot is releasing animated clips of the #FUnicorn out into the world to be used in your own creative video clips about giving #ZeroFucks!

Can't buy a pizza? ZERO FUCKS

The man is keeping you down? ZERO FUCKS

The work week has sucked? #ZEROFUCKSFRIDAY it's fuck this shit o'clock!

Download the above clip by going here and clicking on the Download button. All parties are free to use the FUnicorn clips in their own videos for non-commercial applications, as long as the final product is hashtagged #zerofucks and #funicorn - expect to see many different iterations of our favorite Zero Fucks Hero, the FUnicorn, gracing the internets, dropping-kicking douchebags in the face with rainbows!

Till then, you can preorder the Taste the Rainbow Edition (above), the Gold Medal Edition and the Bad to the Bone Edition (below) in the Bigshot Toyshop here. FUnicorns are in production right now and will be arriving in the US in a couple months.

Sign up for the FUnicorn email list for all the updates, or follow FUnicorn on Twitter and Facebook.


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