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Court of the Dead

Aug 26, 2014

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REVIEW: 10-Year Edition MAD*L Set of 2 by MAD Toy Design

It's not often that a product arrives in as minty perfect condition as the stock photos show on the producer's website... but these 5-inch 10-Year Anniversary Edition MAD*L figures I just got from MAD are absolutely perfect... stock photo above...
 ... actual photos here. Printing is tight and bold and the lines are super clean. I'm sure the added touch of shipping these figures in plastic baggies, inside draw-string printed pouches, inside a box, helped with the perfect arrival. Love the black & white motif. A couple really stellar additions to my personal collection.
 We are super proud to have been stocking the Mad*L figures from the very beginning (well sorta, we started whenever MAD put out Series 1, which sold like crazy... our shop is apparently exactly as old as the Mad*L figure).
Best of all, you can STILL get a set of these figures in MAD's online store here. The set of 2 is only $50, which is actually less per figure than his normal 5" MAD*L price! A steal. I'm astonished that there are any left at all. Get yours.


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