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Court of the Dead

Dec 24, 2013

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Nerdirt presents: Gretchen Lewis and her Oopis Nein plushes

Gretchen Lewis is an American Illustrator and plush artist based out of San Francisco California. Self taught as a skilled sewer, Gretchen has creatively brought her illustrations into full dimension to be squeezed and loved as amazing plush figures "Oopis Nein" (which means "Soup is nice" in her magical language). If you are a fan for the designer toy movement and favor plush figures, then this may be a match made in heaven. I feel like Gretchen's plush characters are the gentleman's version of the ugly dolls, giving a distinguished classiness to materials that are reminiscent of our childhood... at least mine. You can find Gretchen's Oopis Nein characters on ETSY and at your finer designer toy shops online and "soon" around the globe!

Support designer toy artists like Gretchen Lewis and you will get a personalized story to go with your beloved plush Oopis Nein character.

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