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Dec 24, 2013

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Kabuto Mushi in Full Production on January 3rd from The Godbeast!

This first official release of the Kabuto Mushi is an event that has been years in the making. Through numerous prototypes and handcast resin releases, Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen has worked closely with Matt Doughty of Onell Design to create a Glyos compatible version of his Kabuto Mushi character and release it for the masses in full production PVC.
Kabuto Mushi Mk I Resin Prototype
Kabuto Mushi Mk II/Mini Mushi Resin Prototype

Kabuto Mushi concept sketch by Matt Doughty
Kabuto Mushi Mk II Resin Prototypes
The Kabuto Mushi is approximately 4.5 inches tall and consists of 26 parts that are fully compatible with the Glyos System Series of toys. There are four different colorways to start with, and each of them are just $10. There are even Mini Mushi 4-packs and handcast resin wings available to upgrade your Kabuto army!
Kabuto Mushi Stealth
Kabuto Mushi alternate builds
Kabuto Mushi Metallic Pearlescent Red
Metallic Pearlescent Brown
Metallic Pearlescent Green

If all goes well with shipping the figures from China, then Kabuto Mushi will be available January 3rd at the TGB Customs online store:



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