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Court of the Dead

Dec 28, 2013

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Hot Toys - The Dark Knight Armory

So.... the Hot Toys train keeps on a comin'

Yesterday Hot Toys Hong Kong previewed their new planned release for 2014...

The Dark Knight Batman Armory, a high detailed and compressive Batman Armory display taken from the Applied Science Division scene in The Dark Knight.

Looking very much like the unlicensed Toy Legends one that was released a few months back, in fact it looks virtually the same, as I myself have the Toy Legend Armory, that version is a fantastic piece of display, but we now get an officially licensed Armory, no doubt that this will be a big seller for Dark Knight fans.

But thats not all!, we get a choice of packages....

1 is the Armory itself as in the images above, the other 2 you can either have the Amory with Alfred Pennyworth, a brand new sculpt of Alfred OR what you may call the 'Ultimate Package' Armory set that will include the Armani suited Bruce Wayne WITH Alfred Pennyworth!! 

I suspect most people will go for the latter.

If you want full specs then please click links below

No official prices has yet been released but early reports are that the Armory on its own is $2330HKD, the big set being around $3930HKD

Will be available soon for preorder at your usual Hot Toys vendors or at below links....

Europe OneSixthBruce
Asia Hot Toys

Thanks for reading

Wai Man

PS! I will post up in next few days my '1/6 figure of the year' - will surprise you as it not a run of the mill general 1/6 figure!! :)


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