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Court of the Dead

Mar 21, 2013

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Featured Product for March 21

Featured Product

So this is a new daily post (save for the weekends sometimes) featuring a product from the shop that you should be interested in and add to your collection. I am starting it off with one of my favorites that I still need to pick up my self, the OMFG Series 2 Tenacious Toys exclusive white colorway. These are reminiscent of those M.U.S.C.L.E. toys from the eighties. I used to collect them and would sit in class and imagine them wrestling one another around the school while my teacher droned on, now with the OMFG series I imagine them taking chunks out of one another, but that is a discussion for me and my shrink. Anyway, not only are these some bad ass toys from some bad ass artists (redjarojam, Kenjitron/George Gaspar, RuFuS, turboPistola and Monsterforge/M-Flem-Jr) So head over to the Tenacious Toys store and join me in my delusion by picking up this exclusive colorway today. The set of five is only $10 and with this being basically blank, would be great as is or for customization. 


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