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Mar 21, 2013

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Whistling Pony's Surinama

Whistling Pony's Surinama

Stephen Singer is an artist working in Upstate New York. His primary creative concern is expressing the human condition through abstract realism, the twisting of thought-flesh through the cultural matrix to create handheld allegories.

He formed Whistling Pony Toys in 2009, with the goal of creating art plastic meant for both the retail and gallery setting. Stephen’s first two figures, Death Light Monster (DLM) and Kachina Seijin, were produced in resin, and he is now exploring the possibilities of the vinyl medium.

Surinama is Stephen’s first sofubi figure and was inspired by the Surinama toad who gives birth to live baby toads which emerge out of her back. The figure stands 6” tall with a 12” horn span and has five points of articulation (neck, arms and horns) and interchangeable appendages.

Stephen designed and sculpted Surinama out of Sculpey. The figure was then tooled and molded by Luke Rook of Grody Shogun in Japan, and had an initial casting in clear, black, and GID. He is currently producing custom limited runs, including collaboration with several top customizers.

The most recent release is a collaboration with artist Topheroy, Cast in clear vinyl and painted with Monster Kolor, this rainbow version is known as ROYGBIV and is limited to 10. Cost is $85 and can be purchased at


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