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Court of the Dead

Jan 6, 2013

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KANO's Custom Fonzo for Fonzo Love NY at MPH

Kano's custom Fonzo, for My Plastic Heart and Freakstore's Fonzo Love NY show, looks quite awesome. The color scheme works well, as does the created shadows and overall execution.. Kano did a great job utilizing the lines of the original Fonzo figure, while at the same time incorporating his own style and creating depth with just paint.

From Kano's WIP pic, the DOOM style mask looked to be sculpted on. The shadows and colors are on point for this piece. This piece should have no trouble selling.
Opening reception for Fonzo Love NY is Friday January 11th,from 6-9PM at My Plastic Heart. The show is going to run until February 3rd.

The start of 2013 is shaping up to be big for Kano. It is too bad that Kano says that this is going to be his last group show, but I'm sure Kano has big things planned instead. I can't wait to see what else Kano does this year and beyond! 

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