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Court of the Dead

Jan 8, 2013

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Jason Chalker x outsmART Originals presents BOBA FINK

outsmART Originals is starting out 2013 with a great new T-Shirt design by Jason Chalker of Manly Art. Appropriately titled "Boba Fink", Jason's designs combines Star Wars and the famous Rat Fink, while giving the design and overall old school hot rod feel. The Boba Fink design does great justice to the original Rat Fink by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. For those who don't know that name or his character, you should spend some time reading up on him. Jason Chalker's design replaces the iconic hot rod with an equally iconic Slave I spaceship with Boba Fett in the drivers seat. The design even includes the popping out eyes and tongue out of Boba Fett's helmet. A very cool hot rod x star wars mash-up.

From outsmART Originals:
Known for his witty and incredible takes on pop culture icons, this new hot rod design is being released on the heels of his Big Trouble in Little China homage, The Lo Pan Express. Don’t miss another of Jason’s muscle machine designs and pre-order your Boba Fink tee today before he races far, far away…for good!
Wearable art for the ART-official intelligent….humanoid or droid.

If the awesome shirt was not incentive enough, all customers who purchase the shirt will be entered to win a the original drawing by Jason.

 As with all previous outsmART Originals Pre-orders, the shirt is available in a wide array of sizes for both men and women, with only a $25 price tag. The Boba Fink design is expected to ship in February.  outsmART Originals also still has some of the previous designs for sale in limited quantity and sizes.

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  1. Hey Guys, just to clarify, the drawing is for the original art, not a print.


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