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Court of the Dead

May 7, 2018

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Coarse Toys Paw Golden God custom from Big C

A group of archaeologists found a glowing stone, while traveling through the jungle overnight.  The next day they realized that this mysterious stone belonged to a giant statue dedicated to the golden god.  During the excavation process, one of the workers was mortally wounded, and as soon as the first drop of blood hit the statue, the statue awakened, as the stone turned to gold. This piece represents the golden god, mid-transformation.

Big C has done it again, this time using his talents to transform a Raw Paw (Coarse Toys) into the Golden God. I love the way he captured the effects of aged stone that has been sitting in the jungle, partially covered in moss and dirt.  The transition from stone to gold is seamless and the greenish eyes and blood give this piece just enough color to make it pop.  Oh....and did I mention that it glows?  The glow on this piece is amazing.

Big C created this piece for his own personal collection, but he is willing to field offers. 



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