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Court of the Dead

Nov 13, 2017

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Plastic Wars is an environment of robots and machines which offers creative freedom to express a wide range of artistic exploration and brings together aesthetics that might be different at first (The aesthetics of the toys created by the artists that are invited to collaborate) creating a visual universe full of nuances and with a great background.  
The original concept of Plastic Wars is based on creating unique collaborations with different Toy artists all around the world, whose only link will be the mech/vehicle/armour created by Ghetto Plastic Toys, which will provide a cohesive visual background for characters that, originally, had nothing to do with each other.
Every Plastic Wars collaboration (Volume) will have a context adapted to the story, origin or universe the guest Toy (or its creator) comes from, whose personality will be assimilated by Ghetto Plastic Toys to create the new Plastic Wars release, which won't necessarily be a robot.  
This is a project with a really interesting and ambitious context for Ghetto Plastic, not only due to the artistic exchange with other creators, but also because of the opportunity to create a universe full of visual nuances in the mechanical context/setting, which is our greatest motivation and field of expertise.


Reinventing itself, the 'Calaverita' mechanises, readjusts and upgrades itself, leaving behind the deepness of the Mexican heavy industry to make the world its range of action.
It's worth mentioning that some of the study subjects changed by themselves, as in this same case, while others simply created accessories to boost or enhance their skills.
Mechaverita is considered to be Plastic Wars' 'subject zero' since it was the first sighted and documented case. Although the first sighting took place while it was making its way through the border toward Los Angeles, where Mechaverita established its base of operations, news of several sightings around the whole world started to arise shortly after.
There is no data on its intentions or moral affiliation, but it being a 'calaverita' (Spanish for little skull) we might venture that, maybe, it is a bearer of death.
Other witnesses said its interchangeable hands and addons are ‘to help as much to destroy’, thus people says it's ‘a friendly robot for the apocalyptic future’.
Even so, some witnesses report unusual behaviour that lead us to conclude that its motivations are yet to be defined. 


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