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Court of the Dead

Nov 13, 2017

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6-Forest BURBAG 17cm Resin Figure - EXCLUSIVE 50% Off Discount Code!

The Spanish company 6·Forest just released its first Art Toy figure. BURBAG is part of the "Stranded Star Crew" collection developed in collaboration with the Spanish artist @Rultron.

An exclusive limited edition of 50 handmade and hand-painted figures will be released of BURBAG. They are made from polyurethane resin and have a size of 17.5 cm high and an approximate weight of 700 gr. They come with their own specially designed packaging, a numbered certificate of authenticity and are signed by the artist.

Each character of 6·Forest is part of a collection that consists of at least five figures. All of them have their own unique stories that will help you understand the characters and connect them with the rest of their universe.

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Find out BURBAG'S Story!

The year is 2606 A.T. (After Trump) the garbage clean up spaceship "Harvester 32" belonging to the "STARtrash" corporation, has been stranded in a black hole. BURBAG is one of the new crew members, although he is very brave in situations like these.

BURBAG has been unemployed for a very long time and has no experience regarding interplanetary ships. Tired of always doing nothing he applied for the job, prepared for the occasion, was selected to be Harvester 32's engineer. How will his first day on the job go?

BURBAG is the first character in the "Stranded Star Crew" Line created by the Spanish artist "Rultrón". You have probably played in a videogame where he has collaborated or seen a movie where his artistic stamp is present. 


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