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Court of the Dead

Nov 13, 2017

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Fungisaurs Kickstarter, a new twist on collectible toys! Odd mystery boxed animals & mobile game

The Fungisaur Kickstarter campaign launched today and is their first original line of mystery-box toys and accompanying AR mobile game!

"Fungisaurs" is about a new species of baby dinosaur-mushroom hybrids that were genetically engineered and got out into our world. We've put a lot of work into building this from the ground up and in addition to being a cool collectible toys/AR game we believe Fungisaurs can really help promote science, travel and inspire kids to spend more time outdoors.

The first run of Fungisaurs will be 16,000 pieces, with equal odds for each figure in the blind boxes! Fungisaurs will be released Summer of 2018 upon completion of the Kickstarter campaign.

Please check out Fungisaur's Kickstarter campaign here:


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