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Court of the Dead

Jul 24, 2017

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Joe Ledbetter's Mr Bunny, now available in glass for IKEA Art Event 2017

Joe Ledbetter's Mr Bunny, now available in glass for IKEA Art Event 2017

We heard about this IKEA glass art project a little while back via SpankyStokes - gotta admit, I thought it was a joke. But, nope, IKEA really is tapping some of the biggest names in sculptural, collectible toy art to release a whole collection of glass sculpture. I guess these are home furnishings?

I've seen Jeremyville posters at IKEA and probably some other items which stood out to me as having something to do with the bigger-name artists in our little scene. I always love seeing this type of project. This is the kind of thing that can lead a "regular" person down the rabbit hole into collectible vinyl art toys!

That's a great thing! Well, I think it's great. Cuz I sell the toys. Maybe some other people see this as an over-commercialization of the art, I'd expect. There seem to be an outspoken minority in our scene who can't look past their own collectings habits to just be happy for the artists involved. And of course, there's always like 2 artists hating on projects like this because they didn't get chosen.

Life is too short for that shit. Go buy some JLED glass from IKEA. Here's the link... just kidding, IKEA has made purchasing these items completely obtuse. I have no link. I assume the glass pieces would be in this section, but it's all posters. I guess they are trying to replicate the maze-like shopping experience of their stores? If anyone discovers an actual like, pls leave it in the comments section.

- Benny


  1. They don't come out until next year. Jled has said 2018 release several times.


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