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Court of the Dead

Jul 26, 2017

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Funko Hikari Optimus Prime Metallic Professional Photos by Jason Yang of Exclu Collective

Professional photos of the Funko Hikari Transformers Optimus Prime Metallic figure taken by Jason Yang.

Funko Hikari Metallic Optimus Prime 9-inch figure photo care of Jason Yang
Today we are sharing professional photos of some of the Funko Hikari 9-inch figures that we sell in our shop. This is a shoot of the Funko Hikari Transformers Optimus Prime Metallic finish figure.

The stock photos circulating on the web of the Hikari figures are woefully inadequate, so we figured we'd send some of these figures to several talented photographers to generate some really top-level imagery. This post contains photos by Jason Yang (IG: @workmoreorless) who was suggested to us by the toy photography gurus at EXCLU Collective.

About Jason Yang:

In real life, Jason Yang uses his job as a commercial animator and illustrator to fund his ever growing toy collection and photography hobby. Within the past year, Jason has collaborated with several international brands, and his toy photography has been featured at San Diego Comic Con, NYC Toy Fair, and Star Wars Celebration. Jason posts his work as @workmoreorless on instagram, and also contributes to Exclu Design Collective as a network partner. He has three young padawans and (used to) enjoy long walks of Scarif with his wife.

About the Exclu Design Collective:

Exclu Design Collective is a multimedia showcasing platform that highlights and promotes the work of the creative toy industry whilst also connecting members of that industry to the community at its heart. Exclu exists in both digital forms operating at the core of the toy photography community and also within their printed showcasing publications which help to expose the emerging toy photography scene to the wider world of creative enthusiasts.


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