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Court of the Dead

Jun 9, 2016

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Dthulhu - First Production Pull

Douglas Prince releases photos of fist vinyl pull of Dthulhu sculpture.

Dthulhu; based on the legendary H.P. Lovecraft monster, Cthulhu. Douglas Prince’s successful launch of his vinyl bath sculpture for the delight of Lovecraft fans, has now become a reality!

"We are very excited with the first Dthulhu. Aside from some very minor paint job tweaks, (specifically the wing paint and the eyes needed a slight enlargement) everything else was impeccable. The squeaker is loud and the duck itself couldn’t be more perfect, they matched the colors and did a great job ensuring the details held up."

Dthulhu is now in production and is scheduled to ship out on June 20th. Dthulhu is now also available worldwide through their indie go go campaign. Since the production run has been initiated there are now only a limited number of sculptures left available on the campaign page.

The final duck will have slightly enlarged eyes from the pull and painted wing as in the mock-up above.

At the time of this Press release there are less than 275 ducks left available.


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