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Court of the Dead

Nov 13, 2015

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Bow to the Squeaky Adorable Overlord Dthulhu

I think it's safe to say every bathtub in every home in R'leyh should come equipped with a Dthulhu squeaky bath toy, so that come bath time, every Old One might feel young once again.
Dthulhu is an adorable bathtime-safe vinyl friend (because let's face it, our inner child may not be above putting our toys in our mouths; mine certainly isn't) currently up for funding on Indiegogo here.

Dthulhu's packaging looks like something out of a dreamscape, and supporters may pledge at a variety of levels for a plethora of Lovecraftian-inspired 2D artworks, digital rewards and goodies.

Definitely give Dthulhu a look on Indiegogo here and make your pledge so "that [which] is not dead... can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may..." take a bath and get ready for bed.


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