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Court of the Dead

Jun 4, 2015

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Clear Spirit World Maddie Figures by Bigshot Toyworks Now Available in Bigshot Toyshop

Photo credit: Kris Dulfer /
Clear "Spirit World" 6-inch Maddie figures are now available in the Bigshot Toyshop! This is a limited-edition figure with only 200 units produced for the successful Bigshot Toyworks Maddie Kickstarter. Many of those have already been shipped to proud Kickstarter backers, and the remaining pieces are now available in one place only- here - for $55 each. Articulated at neck and wings, crystal clear except for the pupils of the eyes. The rest of the Four Horsies (4-inch Clash, Raven, Ghost and Calamity) will also be available in this clear color variation, as will the 4-inch Tween Maddie. All 4-inch figures will hit the Bigshot Toyshop later this year.

Photo credit: Kris Dulfer /


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