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Court of the Dead

Feb 7, 2015

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Bigshot Toyworks Little Maddie Figures Now Available at

The awesome 6" Little Maddie figures created and produced by Bigshot Toyworks (via a Kickstarter that I managed) are now in stock and available for purchase at! Original painted colorway (purply-black) and the Spirit World clear colorway both available at $55 each. Only 200 made in the clear color. Limited availability of each. These are now showing up at the doorsteps of the backers to rave reviews, with many people commenting on the high quality and awesome paint. Click here to visit the Four Horsies section of the Bigshot Toyshop site. There's a Mondays are Maddness mug for sale as well!

photo credit: Kris Dulfer
Click here to back the next Four Horsies Kickstarter! Only 11 days left! Definitely keep watching Bigshot Toyworks via their site or Tumblr, they are poised for a HUGE year of rolling out their original IP properties while SIMULTANEOUSLY working on bad-ass figures for other companies, like these Starcraft Marine figures by Sideshow:

Tychus Starcraft Sixth Scale Figure


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