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Jul 23, 2015

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Awesome Toy's "Awesome TV" Sofubi

The guys over at Awesome Toy are proud to present something a little different to their current roster of super robots, kaiju and retro-themed figures... introducing the Awesome TV! Inspired by the Indie Toy scene’s extensive selection of “platform” toys - figures that can be customised - the vintage-styled TV’s unique take on the idea is set to offer sofubi painters, designer toy customisers and even illustrators more scope for creativity than ever before. Featuring an ingenious, fully-adaptable design, the deceptively simple soft vinyl cube has been fitted with a removable front “screen” panel, meaning that not only can the outer shell be painted, re-sculpted or mashed-up with other figures - a TV head instantly springs to mind! - but it can also be used to display prints, drawings, photos or even various items inside- the possibilities for different “programs” and “channels” are limitless! Aside from the DIY/custom aspect, the Awesome TV will also be used in conjunction with future Awesome Toy releases, including a number of planned artist collaborations, exclusive versions, plus integration with previous AT figures. Pictured above (insert pic!) in vinyl test-shot form, we’re told to expect the Awesome TV sofubi’s first colorway via preorder soon… Keep track of the Awesome Toy Instagram feed here for the full lowdown over the coming weeks!

I'm really excited for these.  I've got a few customs in mind that use a TV "head" and this will look a lot better than any attempt to sculpt one myself would come out. I once tried to sculpt minifigure.  I was going for a werewolf type creature.  I settled for "blob with what could be eyes".

+The Highest Fever


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