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Court of the Dead

Dec 23, 2014

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Custom ThreeA WWRP Armstrong "Dapper Lad" by Small Angry Monster on eBay

Small Angry Monster writes:
When creating customs, the process involves quite a bit of imagination. One of the reasons that I am so compelled to work on ThreeA toy's robots is the rich back story. As attractive as it is, I can't leave well enough alone and wanted to branch out a bit into the history that isn't covered by the books and toys. 

After reading this entry on the ThreeA Wiki, I was inspired to create a 'bot that was outside of the normal body types. I assumed that there would be many unused prototypes, and this could be one of them. I wrote a bit of fiction about it below:

"As the leading competitor to Rothchild, Hobson & Dolch created many prototypes that never saw full production. "Dapper Lad" was a re-engineered 'bot built off an Armstrong frame. Utilizing the demoralizing psyops of the Square and a destructive armor-piercing RPG launcher, this 'bot was found to be unstable in it's programming. After a friendly fire incident during field testing, the "Dapper Lad" project was scrapped."

You can bid on Dapper Lad here on eBay.


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