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Court of the Dead

Sep 8, 2014

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The Iron Giant Custom 3" Dunny by Josh Mayhem

Josh Mayhem recently completed a pretty sweet looking Iron Giant custom 3" Dunny. Utilizing a 3" Dunny and some Gundam parts, Josh was able to create The Iron Giant. Introducing more articulation to this piece, than the original 3" Dunny base, this is a great example of outside of the box thinking and creativity. The Dunny head was sculpted on to create the Iron Giant head, while the body was flipped upside down and used as a base to attach other pieces for the torso of The Iron Giant. Josh was also able to use the Dunny arm/hands in the extended Iron Giant arms. Overall, Josh did a great job turning the 3" Dunny into The Iron Giant. While this piece was a private commission, Josh is open for commission work and can be contacted through his FB page or through his website.


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