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Court of the Dead

Jul 8, 2014

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Available Now: Lost Vegans by We Become Monsters

Available now, Lost Vegans by We Become Monsters, are priced at $70 each plus shipping. Measuring in at around 12", these 1/6th scale figures are hand cast, painted and sewn. These 1/6th scale figures are articulated with custom resin painted hands, head and feet. Each jumpsuit is hand sewn, while the whole figure is packaged in a polybag with header card. This figure does feature articulation, so it's likely that these can be posed to go along with other 1/6th scale figures. With only six of these figures made, they are going pretty fast on the We Become Monsters online store
To make things more appealing, each order comes with a free Micro SLAB and an entry to win a full size We Become Monsters SLAB. Give the We Become Monsters Facebook page a "Like" for an entry as well. SLABs are produced as a part of the We Become Monsters waste reduction programs, which turns waste resin into art. A nice way to reduce resin waste.

Here is the store of these Lost Vegans:
From an unidentified planet in orbit around the star known as Vega, these space-faring creeps have become trapped in the Las Vegas valley after a crash landing left their ship destroyed. Now their plans of world domination are threatened by morale problems after noticing they are roughly one sixth the size of an average human. Will they starve or be washed away by a flash flood? Is it possible they can continue to escape the notice of the authorities? Will they ever restore communication with their home world? Can their scheme to be purchased and kept off the streets succeed?


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