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Court of the Dead

May 20, 2014

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The Ultimate Legend - The Warrior by Ardabus Rubber

Wrestlemania VI Neon version 

Ardabus Rubber releases a series of new fine art prints, based on a tribute artwork after the recent passing of The Ultimate Warrior. Ardabus explains that growing up, wrestling had a profound effect on his life growing up. He has created an inked lineart piece in 4 distinct colour editions, available in his webshop.

These 12x16" Fine Art Prints are painted on 310 GSM Elegence Velvet Cotton Rag paper. The edition sizes reflect intimate details of The Ultimate Warrior's professional carreer;

- Wrestlemania VI Neon version - Classic Warrior colors. Limited to only 6, for his victory at WM6.
- Rookie version - Black and yellow, the mask he wore during his debut match as Ultimate Warrior on 10/25/87. Limited to only 2, for the number of minutes it took for him to win the match.
- Fire Paint version - From his Survivor Series match 11/24/88. Since he was on a team of five, this one is limited to 5.
- My (Ardabus') Favorite Color version - Pretty self explanatory. This one is limited to only 8, marking the day he died. RIP Warrior.

Ardabus' hope is for these artworks to be enjoyed as a fitting tribute to The Ultimate Warrior. The care and attention to detail that goes in to elements like the edition numbers, and colour variants never ceases to impress me!

Collect yours, or other prints or originals, here.


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