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Court of the Dead

May 22, 2014

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Zombiez 3" Dunny by kOmega

They're aliiive! Kind of. What would you say they are, kOmega?

"The fosl virus encountered a few zombie creatures who seemed to only posses half a soul. After infecting their guests the parasite was not able to fully develop... creating a fosl that was still half living. Resulting in an evil race of fosls that would torment the world for centuries."

Exactly. Though if you're a visual learner, you could watch the super cool video trailer for these Zombies instead over here

Parasite Grimm 3" Dunny

These little fiends released on kOmega's eStore here and are looking to spread the infection. For more of kOmega's work, check out his Facebook and Instagram @komega

Grossetta 3" Dunny


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