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Court of the Dead

May 29, 2014

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Clown Life - Custom 20" Dunny by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski's latest custom 20" Dunny commission is a called Clown Life. Based on Nugglife's Rusty the Clown, this huge custom Dunny features a lot of detail. 
"Being a homeless clown has been rough for this fellow Nugglife resident.  Everyday is a new hustle, whether its performing sidewalk tricks, selling Nugs, or pimping hoes, he's always on the grind."
Rusty the Clown features a scepter and crown, painted in a color scheme fitting for a clown named Rusty. The ears of the Dunny have been repositioned and a typical red Clown nose has been added as well. With a lot of area to cover on a 20" Dunny, Ian did a great job using paint to complete the overall theme of the custom. This custom will go well in a lucky collectors collection of custom clowns.

Be sure to check out more of Ian Ziobrowski's work and possibly hit him up for a commission spot.


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