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Court of the Dead

Dec 19, 2013

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Bat-Nosed Basilhog still available at We Become Monsters - but only until Xmas Eve!

Bat-Nosed Basilhog
We Become Monsters will be closing it's online doors temporarily after Xmas Eve, but before that happens, you've still got time to take your pic of some new goodies, and a few old favorites like the ones seen here!

The Bat Nosed Basilhog, 'bat nosed' because these basilhogs echolocate nasally, the oversized nose is thought to serve some role in modifying and directing the echolocation call. While the nasal cavity is strictly for echolocation, the scent receptors on the top of the head are especially attuned to the smell of Ocimum basilicum. These creatures will chew through walls, human flesh and thinner layers of metal or stone to get to the plant once detected. While they only eat basil, and cannot digest meat, since they can detect the odor of basil even after it has been consumed by another animal, they are considered carnivores, and dangerous ones at that. You do not want one burrowing through your belly to get to your Thai lunch.

7.5 inch vinyl Dudebox Dude, sculpted over with epoxy, painted with polyurethane and and acrylics.

Moloch (back)
Moloch (front)

Cyst Goblins


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