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Court of the Dead

Jul 31, 2013

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Candy Micro Drones and Gas Mask Magnets by Drilone

Drilone still has some Candy for sale in his store. With a bunch of Monster Kolor resin dye left, Drilone decided to make a bunch of GID Candy colored Gas mask Magnets and Micro Drones. Each piece costs $20 with shipping included in the US, shipping is extra everywhere else. The Gas Mask Magnets will come with eyes, while the GID feature of the resin pieces may be induced by either UV or just regular lighting. Drilone has also allowed customers to request a certain color, although not promised. Also, if you purchase more than 1 piece of either the Gas Mask Magnet or Micro Drone, Drilone assures that you will receive different colors.

Candy Gas Mask Magnets by Drilone

GID Candy Micro Drones
Candy Micro Drones by Drilone
Drilone will probably keep making the Micro Drones and Candy Gas Mask Magnets until he runs out of dye. Help make that happen faster by purchasing a few of these great resin pieces.


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