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Court of the Dead

Jun 13, 2013

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Shadoe Delgado's Id MicroMunny Available Now

Shadoe Delgado's opening toys back up after a successful move to a new studio location. To kick things off, he's launching a new series of Made-To-Order Micro Munny; introducing, the [Id]!
For those of us who haven't read Freud's The Interpretation Of Dreams in a little while, the Id are our instinctual drives, disorganized and unconscious impulses. How fitting for these mysterious little micro-creatures! Add one to your collection, for only 50$, here.
Some of these little [Id] will be unmasked- revealing just what they're hiding under there. What will yours look like? Leave it in Shadoe's capable hands, or inquire a more personalized piece at
Be sure to give Shadoe a follow on Facebook and IG @shadoedelgado


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